Who can contribute?
What can you enjoy?
How can you join?
How do I make my contributions?
When can I access my money?
What is the fee structure?
How do I follow the growth of my investment?


What can you enjoy?
Access to a portion of the funds prior to retirement. Funds can be used as down payment for a primary residence, a car, payment of child’s education or scheme member’s education, unforeseen medical expenses over and above what a scheme member’s medical insurance will cover.

There is portability in this pension arrangement. Funds can be moved from one employer to another and from one registered scheme to the other.

Contributions made and returns earned from investment of the contribution shall, be credited to the account of the contributor FREE FROM TAX as long as the meet the threshold of the law.

Death and disability benefits will be paid to scheme member’s beneficiaries and the scheme member respectively if these events occur prior to retirement.

The value of the account at death at any time during the scheme member’s working years or during retirement where the member elects to be paid the retirement benefit over a period of time will be paid to the member’s elected beneficiaries.



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